Abstract composition by Jørgen Waring
An African tribal mask.
Still life, oil on panel by Birger Halling signed and dated 1949
Abstract composition by Jean Marc Louis
An abstract composition by Leif Tingkær
Three pitchers, still life oil on canvas by Josef Weedier
A large abstract figurative statue, 1970s
A cubist painting in the manner of Spanish artist Juan Gris
Felix Roulin b.1931 abstract bronze sculpture
A woodcut print by Hans Osswald
Pair of bronze doves by Theodoros Papagiannisc.
Abstract painting by Jean-Marc Louis.
Abstract painting by Jean-Marc Louis.
Abstract composition by Olle Svanlund
Abstract composition by Kjeld Ulrich
'Square Box' by Håkan Engström
Abstract by Jean-Marc Louis
Art Deco sculpture, Sweden c.1930s.
Abstract by Erik Hansen f. 1944 cd.
Still life by Nils Wedel 1897-1967.
Still life painting by Eric Cederberg
Fisherman mending nets by Robert De Bieve
"Girl with a cockerel" by A. Gregoire
A sculpture by Stefan Rostrup
"Ravens" by Ole Vincent Larsen
Bronze sculpture by Stephane Natchkov
Abstract composition by Finn Johansen
"Setting Up" by Peer Koefoed Larsen
Abstract composition c.1960
Venice seen by Knut Norman
Abstract compostion, by Gerald French